Google Changes Terms of Service for Product Search

May 26, 2009

Google actually announced two things, but the first one is critical in the short term:

  1. The Google Base terms of service have changed. All merchants must log in and accept these new terms in the next 30 days, before June 26, or product listings may become inactive. I didn’t see anything substantially different from the old terms, but I’m not a lawyer so you’ll probably want to actually read them just to be sure.
  2. Google has added fields for general business information such as address, phone number and customer service contact info.  There is no telling how they may use this information but it is probably in every merchant’s interest to complete this. If displayed, this information may help consumers feel more confident in transacting with your company. More importantly, it seems likely that Google would somehow penalize/reward merchants based on the absence/presence of this information.