Friday finale: Google Shopping, Scripps spin-off update, PayPal Labs offerings

December 14, 2007

  1. Google “Products” link now “Shopping”
  2. Scripps reveals who’s on deck for spin-off (and an MSN acquisition rumor)
  3. PayPal Labs offerings

Google “Products” link changed to “Shopping”
In what might be another bid to counter the 80% decline in traffic that Google Product Search experienced from October 2006 to the same in 2007, Google changed the name of its promotional front-page link from “Products” to “Shopping.”

This comes directly after Google replaced the “Video” link on its front page with “Products” during Thanksgiving week — and could be a test to see if the link gets a higher CTR.

ComScore still considers GPS a top-25 CSE, but experienced the largest drop in traffic amongst all of them.  Comparatively, Pronto saw a 3,000% increase from 161,000 uniques to 5.2mm; Yahoo Shopping increased 46% to 23mm and Shopzilla, the #1 CSE, was up 7% to 24mm uniques.

[via Search Engine Roundtable]

Somewhat related news: Google Base renames “bulk upload” to “data feeds.”

Who’s on deck for the Scripps spin-off?
The Scripps Networks Interactive spin-off, which is, as of now, including Shopzilla, is set to include CEO Ken Lowe, CFO Joseph NeCastro (who’s going to have an additional operating role for Shopzilla and uSwitch) and president John Lansing. No mention of ex-Yahoo Deanna Brown who joined as president of the interactive group. She reported to Lansing. The full list is here.

[via paidContent]

In related news, there’s been a rumor circulating that MSN is interested in acquiring Shopzilla.  This is questionable as MS just acquired Jellyfish, but it could signal that the company might try and merge JF’s technology with Shopzilla’s larger user base.

PayPal Labs getting busy with widgets
PayPal Labs has been busy with a few projects:

  • Storefront widget: a self-contained, Flash-based e-commerce platform that can be embedded on any site and pull from your inventory source. Emphasis by the team that it was developed for blogs and social networks.  A new way to get your products out there — and a nicely built interface /experience.
  • Facebook ‘Request Money’ application: exactly what it says it is.

Written by Scott Hurff — scott.hurff at channeladvisor