Forrester Report: The 5 Key Success Factors of Every Digital Business

October 23, 2018

Brands By Bradley Hearn

Does your e-commerce company really have what it takes to succeed? According to Forrester, the most profitable digital businesses are all defined by five key characteristics.

A skilled team. Advanced technology. The right offerings. Having a reliable plan to stand out from the crowd. Getting buy-in from the top.

These aren’t just ideals or “nice to have” building blocks for success. They’re essential elements for customer loyalty in the age of online and mobile shopping.

They can also be surprisingly difficult to achieve.

For example, consider what Forrester’s researchers have to say about the process of building a skilled team with “digitally fluent” staff:

Despite ongoing growth in digital, experienced digital talent remains scarce. You must ensure that your business has at least enough staff to service key roles, such as merchandising, marketing, fulfillment, customer service and business technology.

And here’s how the report describes the need to forge high-power technology partnerships:

Technology partnerships are an essential practice for acquiring new capabilities … However, keep in mind … that once [third parties] exit, they’ll take your digital differentiation with them.

The report goes on to describe an in-depth (but necessary) process that all digital businesses should use — one that involves a thorough review of multiple suites, tools and service providers to select the best options or switch to a new platform.

These are just two examples from Forrester’s 12-page resource, The 5 Key Success Factors of Every Digital Business, which explores critical components to creating outstanding marketing, selling and fulfillment experiences for customers.

Download your copy for success stories from e-commerce businesses that are excelling with tech tools and customer service, and to get recommendations you can use to:

  • Evaluate where your business currently stands
  • Set goals and measure progress
  • Develop a roadmap for success

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