Flurry of eBay policy updates – shipping caps, return policies and more – oh my!

October 8, 2008

Earlier this week I reported on the confusion around media shipping caps.  I heard definitively from eBay that these go live on 10/9 (tomorrow) with some potential delay for things to roll to all the myriad eBay servers.  I’m hearing that TSAMs are still telling sellers a variety of different dates, but this is the official word from San Jose. (TSAMs are in SLC).  My guess is we’ll know it’s live when SYI effectively enforces them and the API does as well.  We’ll check periodically on this through tomorrow and report when it has gone into effect. Note that it will be on the listing side, not live listings as I understand it, so one strategy might be to do a flurry of listings in fp30/stores with the old S+H to give yourself effectively a 30 day extension on this if needed.  Check the original post if you want details on the caps, etc.

We started hearing rumblings on Monday that eBay may delay the return/handling policy, policy and they made an announcement late yesterday that confirmed that they have bumped this change to 2009.
Next, this eBay dev blog post says that ebay is taking back the previous announced policy that asked sellers to remove emails from their listings as part of the link policy/anonymous email (hey what ever happened to that one).  I know most sellers went ahead and did this so I guess they will either just add it back or keep it out as this will definitely be coming down the pike.
Last around electronic payments, eBay has a cryptic announcement here. What I don’t get is that even if merchants are using 3rd party checkouts they have to sign up their merchant account with this gatewa?  That’s pretty much all of the customers at ChannelAdvisor – why would they have to register with this company?  Feels pretty intrusive.  That doesn’t make any sense to me so we’ll be seeking clarification.
We’re trying our best to keep everyone up to date on all of this change/no-change/change again and will keep you updated on anything else we hear.  I don’t understand why they are putting out information on so many different places now (dev blogs, msg boards, ab boards, etc.), but we’re monitoring all of them so you don’t have to.