Firefox 3.0 Released

June 18, 2008

On Tuesday, Mozilla officially released its latest browser version, Firefox 3.0 (official download site). I have been working with it s beta and release candidates for the last several months and it has been the best browser I have used. I find that it’s productivity and performance are excellent and definitely help with multi-tasking.

Also, finally updated was the Google Toolbar which had not been previously compatible with the beta versions of Firefox 3.

Below are a few of the Firefox add-ins that I find very helpful in managing search campaigns, reporting and general overall productivity.

Allows you to copy selected rows/columns from an HTML table to the clipboard. This is a great tool for pulling out parts of online reports for quick manipulation.

One of the most (if not the most) popular browser add on available. This handy tool gives you important page information as well as a quick Google search, bookmarking, and more.

IE Tab
This is a great testing add on for checking pages in the Internet Explorer engine while only using one browser.

Download Statusbar
I like this add on as it fixes the only thing I don’t like in Firefox, the download pop-up. This tool instead puts the download information at the bottom of the page just above the status bar. You can quickly find and open your downloads directly instead of looking for the pop-up or searching your hard drive. Handy for all those search engine reports you need to download daily.

This is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with the browser and lets you easily post to you favourite blogs.

You can find these and many more add ons at