Feedback 2.0 is live in the US (real-world example!)

May 2, 2007

As promised eBay rolled feedback 2.0 yesterday and high-volume sellers are already showing their DSR stars.

Here we have moviemarz sporting all 5’s and 4.5’s.

My buddy Kevin Harmon @ InflatableMadness also has some great DSRs.

Rockbottomgolf has all 5s

So far (ok, we’re only 2 days into it) things are looking good.

FYI, here’s the first less than 4 stars I’ve seen over at bargainland.

Here’s a tip if you want to keep an eye on the top feedback sellers and how they are doing:

1. Nortica has a great top 500 seller (by feedback) list
2. If you click on the feedback column, it will take you to ebay’s feedback scorecard.
3. If you use a browser plugin that lets you preview links you can literally look at 100-200 feedback DSRs in 5 mins!