Episode VI: Return of the Free Listing DAY!!!

August 14, 2007

eBay announced an unprecedented (well since the 02 holidays), free listings day (FLD) tomorrow, August 15th.  Several caveats apply, such as you have to pay for gallery, you have to start your items at $9.99 or less and lots of usual exclusions (autos, etc.)

In any case this is the most aggressive listing promotion I’ve seen in years and it will be interesting to see if this breathes life into what Wall St. has

Here at CA, we’re moving some servers around to plan for a significant bump in listing volume.  I’ll keep you posted on what it looks like.  The $9.99 ceiling will definitely limit the promotion because the flood of items on the site will decrease ASPs so in most cases at a $50 ASP, you could possibly lose more from the decreased ASP vs. the savings in the listing fee.  Seller readers, feel free to leave in comments if/how you plan on taking advantage of this promo!