eBay’s search outage

October 16, 2008

**Updated to more correctly reflect the time of the outage. Details from eBay here.

Today eBay’s search engine has been down for a couple of hours (see screen shot below).

The good news is that the paid-search advertising seems to be running just fine.  Maybe this is just a test to see how the site monetizes with 100% ads vs. all those annoying listings+gmv and what-not?

What’s also interesting is since the home page is very search driven it’s causing all kinds of wacky behaviour there too.

I’m getting increasingly concerned that all of the changes plus the influx of fp30 listings plus bugs upon bugs that are taking weeks to fix have so destabilized the search code that eBay can’t get it stable for Q4.  Wait, we’re in Q4…, ok, Thanksgiving++.

My advice to sellers – go buy some Yahoo! keywords in the US if you want some eBay exposure. While search is down they are getting all the traffic you paid listing fees for.