EBay’s New Buyer Cancel Request Functionality

October 6, 2014

With the fall seller release, eBay has announced a new feature allowing buyers to request cancellation of a purchase within an hour after purchasing on eBay. Buyers can make the request, but it will ultimately be up to the seller to determine whether to accept or reject the request.

What does this mean for sellers?

This change is designed to align eBay purchases with evolving buyer expectations due to interactions with other online marketplaces and retailers. Even without this option, many sellers receive requests for cancellations after purchase and have to determine if they can support the request on an individual basis. Buyers have grown accustomed to changing their mind quickly after purchase and being able to reverse the transaction before the package is delivered. As for sellers, the returns process for a buyer that changed their mind requires a lot of extra, unnecessary work: The seller has to package and send the item, process the request for the return, and then accept the returned item to be inspected and restocked. By avoiding this entire process, the seller can save money, avoid damage or loss in transit costs, and have the item available for sale again immediately.

How does it work?

With the new cancel request functionality, eBay sellers can now easily consolidate requests from buyers to cancel a purchase through their eBay seller account and ChannelAdvisor can identify those requests from buyers and respond automatically for you. By specifying the amount of time you would like to allow a buyer to request a cancellation of the purchase, ChannelAdvisor can detect that the order is still on hold for the cancel window and automatically approve the request, cancel the transaction and restock the quantity. You control the amount of time that cancel requests can be automatically approved in your Order Processing Settings, and new orders will be delayed for that amount of time to allow for buyer to submit cancel requests. These orders still appear in your account, but the payment details are delayed to prevent accidental advance fulfilmentuntil the cancel window has elapsed. If a cancel request is submitted after the cancel window has expired and the order has been prepared for seller fulfillment, the cancel request will be rejected. As a seller, you can still honor that request if possible through all of your existing processes for buyer cancel requests.

What should you do?

You should configure your settings option in your account today. If you choose to not wait at all, just change the setting to zero minutes. As part of the introduction of this feature the default has been configured to a thirty minute delay, though you are welcome to change that today. The new cancel functionality will start automatically processing with the October updates, but you can already choose the value you would like to use with this new functionality. Make sure you check your settings and select a value most appropriate for your business, allowing you to save money and time accepting cancellation requests automatically while still fulfilling items in a timely manner. Take advantage of this new option this holiday season and streamline your post-sale operations!

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