eBay Unveils the new Fall/Holiday ad theme (and other goodies).

September 16, 2007

Every year in the Fall, eBay unveils the big ad campaign for the holiday selling season.  Today eBay aired its first ad of the “Shop Victoriously” campaign, announced earlier in the week.

Before going into the details, I thought it would be fun to hop in the eBay Strategies time machine and review the eBay ad campaigns of the past to put this one in perspective. In reverse chronological order (ending first?):

  • 2006 – IT 2.0 – Whatever IT is, find it on eBay.  This campaign focused on the selection of eBay.  In this year they did the whole
  • 2005 – IT 1.0 eBay began the IT campaign that they carried on through 2006.  They did teasers in 05 and some ads.
  • 2004 – The Power of all of us – Largely viewed as THE worst eBay ad campaign (and I think this one killed Q404.
  • 2003 –  Do it ebay – These were humorous ads to popular songs where the singer changed the words to talk about eBay.

At eBay Live 07, eBay’s Bill Cobb foreshadowed the new campaign with the introduction of Windorphins which is meant to highlight what’s special and different about buying on eBay (in other words – AUCTIONS).  They did some light online and outdoor around Windorphins as seen here:


Then some AU folks pointed me to this ad, that seemed to be a test of this concept, but was “Make Shopping Exciting”.

Now eBay has gone all-in on the theme with the new Shop Victoriously campaign.  So far, I’ve seen two of these:

  • Dog Race –  In this ad, it’s a mock-greyhound race (sure to rankle some greyhound lovers I know) and instead of dogs chasing a rabbit, and 8 buyers instead of the Greyhounds.  Another PC issue could face in this one is that one of the buyers appears disabled (Buyer1 if you watch when the gate opens and second 16 of the ad, you’ll see them in a motorized wheel chair trying to keep up with the other buyers).  Anyway, the buyers chase the clock and this dude wins it and then they cut to him ahppy in his house with his radio.  One thing I noticed after watching this several times is the buyers all have their eBay IDs on their numbers.  One of them is a live user ID: muzakman.  The winner is kappy21, which seems fictitious.
  • Football game – This one was on Sunday Night Football tonight.  It’s a mock football game and you see some real un-uniformed people on the line with the QB.  When the QB comes off the line, he’s holding a vase instead of a football.  He throws it, this lady catches it in the endzone and then we cut to her in her house with it.

In his AB post and press releases, Gary Briggs mentions a third called Fox Hunt that I haven’t seen.  They all feature the sub-message: “It’s better when you win it.”

Also in the press release, eBay mentions a serial with Andy Richter that will be at shopvictoriously.ebay.com (not live as of this posting).

A new microsite, Shopvictoriously.ebay.com, will launch with
prominent placement on the eBay home page in early October. Shopvictoriously.ebay.com will provide
entertaining original content including “The Winner’s Guide to Winning
Everything,” starring comedians Andy Richter and Paul F. Tompkins. The webisode series, created by CAA Marketing,
a division of Creative Artists Agency, follows Richter and Tompkins as they
travel in a Winnebago to ten west coast cities to spread the word about what it
means to be a winner. The site will also
include engaging Community functionality such as news feeds about big wins on
the site and promotions that prompt user-generated video content.

One thing from Gary’s post that has sellers buzzing is the introduction of eBay gift cards!  Here’s the exact quote:

You’ve asked for them before and we’ve heard you. This holiday season
we’re making it even easier for you to give the gift of “just about
anything” with our new eBay Gift Cards. YES!

In the next few weeks, eBay Gift cards will start hitting shelves at
stores near you, and will be widely available by November. eBay Gift
Cards are “always the right size and always the right colour.” Plus they
make great stocking stuffers! One of my team members will be back in a
few weeks to tell you even more, so stay tuned.

Over the years giving gift cards has become all the rage and eBay sellers have sat out the craze, but finally it looks like we’ll get them this year.  My question is are these really PayPal gift cards (usable anywhere PP is taken?) or are they truly locked-down to eBay?  How will they be implemented?  Will sellers have to do something special to accept them?  Will sellers be able to/have to promote they take them?  What if you don’t take paypal?

Readers – what do you think about the campaign? eBay Gift Cards?!