EBay Turns 20: As the Marketplace’s Age Grows, Sellers’ Profits Can Too

September 3, 2015

It’s time to clink glasses and pull out the bubbly — we’ve got another 20th anniversary on our hands. Instead of showering the world with deals like fellow marketplace contender Amazon, eBay is ringing in its double decade by hosting an event for sellers dubbed eBay Seller Summit.

This two-day conference is taking place next week in eBay’s hometown in California and will deliver new and enhanced tools, opportunities and trends for sellers. It appears to be modeled after its infamous eBay Live events that went down back in the good ol‘ days. Maybe Devin Wenig, eBay’s new CEO (as of July), is feeling nostalgic — who knows. The event is kicking off on a Thursday — eBay Live #TBT?

Though Wenig has only worn the CEO hat for a little over a month, September marks his four-year anniversary with the company. His experience formerly leading eBay’s global marketplace business is apparent as he explains that his vision is to help sellers expand their businesses on eBay.

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Getting older brings brings new stages, opportunities and strengths. In honor of eBay’s fantastic 20 years (and Wenig’s former role), let’s discuss how eBay sellers can grow their customer base — and in turn, profit — by tapping into the international pool with eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP).

What’s eBay’s GSP?

If you haven’t checked out eBay’s GSP, you should. This program allows US and UK eBay sellers to offer their products to international buyers without the added stress of worrying about international shipping, parcel tracking or customs charges. Thanks to eBay’s GSP, selling abroad via eBay is both easy and secure in over 60 countries.

Why Use eBay’s GSP?

Let eBay worry about customs, value-added tax (VAT) and international logistics. You focus on listing and selling your products.

  • It’s easy: Any GSP-eligible items are automatically listed for your international buyer to see, and the international shipping is handled.
  • It’s flexible: Choose which items or countries you want to sell through the GSP with just a click.
  • It’s accurate: The GSP automatically calculates the international shipping and import charges and displays them with the listing.
  • It’s low risk, high reward: There’s no additional fee for participating in the GSP, but the potential revenue from new international markets is vast.
  • It’s popular: Over 50 million items (and climbing!) are available through eBay’s GSP each month. That’s 26% of the total items on eBay. If you’re not using the GSP, your competition certainly is or may be soon.
  • It’s safe: Your seller feedback is protected in the event of damage or loss in the international stage of delivery, and you’re eligible for five-star ratings when you meet certain criteria.

How to Use eBay’s GSP

It’s simple, really:

1. List your products on eBay.

2. Your product sells to an international buyer in an eligible country.

3. You ship the product to a US shipping center.

4. International shipping experts manage the international shipping and customs process and send the product to the buyer.

To get a sense of the process, test out the GSP on just a handful of your popular products and expand from there.

Cross-border trade can sometimes be just as scary for a buyer as it is for a seller. The GSP simplifies the experience for both.

Where’s the Party?

EBay’s 20th anniversary bash will be held in the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. All eBay sellers are welcome. Just make sure you pay that $95 cover charge — and if you’re wondering, PayPal isn’t an accepted form of payment.

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Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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