eBay tries Web 2.0 again with Digg for eBay – BestOf…

November 20, 2007

Bestof_ebayToday eBay launched “Best Of” – their take on Digg.  Users submit weird/unusual/unique products on eBay and others vote on them.  Then the community can post/vote/comment/etc.

I have to say of eBay’s Web 2.0 efforts (including but not limited to) blogs, wiki, myworld, myworld 2.0, neighborhoods, ebay matchups and the StumbleUpon acquisition – phew), this effort is getting closer. BTW, does anyone else feel like there’s a new one of these coming out every week these days?

The ability to ‘surface the unique’ plays to eBay’s core strength – the auction format.  How else do you price ‘name my 24 toed kitten‘, ‘Hillary Clinton nut cracker‘ or of course the ever popular ‘Real alien eggs‘ (where’s trust and safety when you need them?)

But (you knew it was coming), the nice thing about digg is the diggs can hang around for a while, marinate, gather comments and then the community can get behind them.  With eBay listings which have an average life of 7 days, by the time you vote or comment it seems the listing is over (as is the case with the alien eggs for those of you paying close attention).

Also when first visiting the site, I found my self somewhat confused and then frighteningly obsessed with the new little creatures (pictured above) that eBay has introduced here.

Ok,  here’s what we know:

  • They aren’t Teletubbies
  • They aren’t Windorphins (or maybe they are Windorphins 2.0?)
  • They appear to be mostly yellow and green creatures
  • They enjoy dressing in purple and green
  • They have Charlie Brown hair-dos (or maybe that’s on their outfits?)
  • They CLEARLY have Shrek-like horn/ear things (also probably part of the outfit)
  • They are very happy.
  • Some appear to enjoy doing the Hula.

I scoured the site for hours looking for the smallest hint about these puzzling little creatures and the only hint I could find is: “if you have questions, email ebaynii@ebay.com”

So maybe this is the land of Nii’s?  Could this be a secret reference to the Monty Python classic, The Holy Grail as in the Knights that say Ni?

Does anyone else have any theories on the new creatures?  I’m beginning to suspect eBay has a lot of people focused on creating new creatures these days…..