eBay testing reduced store visibility

April 29, 2007

Sellers are reporting that eBay
either has some unusual bugginess or they are doing some A/B testing on store
discoverability.  On eBay search engine results pages (SERPs) you typically have
two places for consumers to find store listings:

  1. Store discoverability –
    If eBay Core returns < 20 items, then up to 20 store items that match the
    search criteria are shown.
  2. “Shop eBay Stores” is a
    little box typically at the lower left that suggests eBay stores that carry
    similar items to those being searched.  An example of the shop ebay stores box
    is below.


For the last two weeks, sellers have
been speculating something is coming because this page

Under the “Promote Your Store”
section, it used to offer more exposure to higher-end stores and now as you can
see, there is no increased exposure on eBay.

Then I started to get reports that
sellers store traffic was dropping. Then sellers started to notice that the
“Shop eBay Stores” box was not showing up on some SERPs (I unfortunately don’t
have a screen shot of this).   Still others have reported that instead of
sponsored listings showing up on null search results they have replaced store
discoverability (I have not seen that or a screen shot of

Finally, a seller yesterday was able
to get a screen shot that showed an interesting twist.  eBay had replaced the
store discoverability with eBay Express listings. eBay Express already
advantages core (fp/bin) listings over store listings so this gives stores some
visibility, but it’s greatly reduced.   Also, I don’t understand how this
improves the buyer experience to see eBay/EE listings all jumbled together.
There are sure to be duplicates and confusion around the intermingling of the

 Here’s a screen



Of course sellers are speculating
that this move indicates eBay is desperate to get traffic to EE and is willing
to sacrifice store traffic to get there.

It’s not clear which of these tests
will stick or not, but there’s enough going on around reducing store exposure
that sellers are getting concerned.  In fact, eBay really has two levers they
can pull to slow down the SIF format:  Increase fees and decrease traffic.  It
looks like they maybe pulling the second lever instead of the first as I had
incorrectly speculated a couple of weeks ago. 

Readers are you seeing a decrease in
traffic to your store listings? Any other testing that you are