eBay seller makes it off the training wheels!

August 24, 2007

Inc5000Top eBay Seller and ChannelAdvisor customer, Dyscern (here they are on eBay) hit the Inc5k list with a bullet at number 167 (Kachow!)

I was chatting with Jennifer (pictured below swimming with two handsome guys in a box of iPods) yesterday and she said: “A serious thank
you to ChannelAdvisor… we couldn’t maintain our growth arc without your
help or your team.”

This is what being a “Channel Advisor” is all about and everyone at CA is very proud to have played a small part in Dyscern’s success!

BTW congrats to Jennifer!  Ina@auctionbytes was able to sleuth out that she is expecting Little Dyscerner number 3!

P.S. I know you guys like to save money, but shipping yourself to vacation destinations in boxes of iPods, that’s EXTREME!