eBay Q4 news – part II

January 23, 2008

Ok, digesting more of this, the management changes are deeper than I first noticed.  Here’s a biggie:

Bill Cobb is retiring!!  Dang, just when we get to know each other he ups and does this.

Ok, here’s all the changes I’ve found so far:

  • Rajiv will be EVP of eBay, Inc and take over as president of eBay Marketplaces
    • Rajiv will also join the board of directors – interesting.
  • Scott Thompson (PayPal CTO) will take over as President of PayPal (that’s good to see someone technical step into operating role)
  • Lorrie Norrington (runs eBay Intl) will take over for Cobb as President of eBay Marketplace
    • Lorrie will report to Rajiv
  • Meg said something on CNBC about Stephanie Tilenius (she’s at Paypal right now I believe) running eBay usa, but I may have misheard that.

Phew, this is a lot of management change heading into a period of a lot of business change too.  Now I’m getting more nervous about 08.