eBay Live:party like it’s 1976 and 1776?

June 12, 2007


In an unusual move this year, eBay has separated the Meg keynote and gala event.  Usually those are on the same night and flow into each other.  This year Meg’s keynote is Thursday at 6pm and then the Gala is Saturday evening (featuring Kool and the Gang!)

Well, worry not eBay Live party animals!  Today, CNET reports that Google Checkout is hosting a big “Let Freedom Ring!” party at eBay Live after Meg’s Thursday PM keynote.   The event is to protest the fact that eBay continues to block Google Checkout on eBay claiming it is not scalable and unproven/not secure.  In the article, Ben Ling @ Google mentions that this is silly because Google Checkout is taken by about half of the top 500 Internet Retailers.

Regular readers know where I fall on this issue.  Hey maybe we could all bring some Canadian Tire Money (allowed on eBay.com as a valid payment option, while Google Checkout is not) and throw it into the harbor?