eBay launches their take on Social+Ecommerce – neighborhoods

October 10, 2007

First it was blogs and then a wiki and now eBay has released a slice of social networks mixed into the eBay world with the release of neighborhoods.  I of course immediately joined the Star Wars group with 70 of my closest friends.  Here’s what you see when you are in a neighorhood:


Everyone in the SW ‘hood is able to see guides, discussions, related listings and related neighborhoods around the world of Star Wars.  Ok.  I guess I don’t get me to buy more Star Wars stuff on eBay?  Although this is a nice presentation, I don’t have time to plow through 25k listings and this hasn’t really leveraged social ideas like StumbleUpon (which eBay owns, but oddly doesn’t seem at all involved in this) that will allow my 70 new friends to help me sort through all that mess.

Faithful readers, what am I missing?