eBay has started moving Finding 2.0’s BestMatch algorithm to the production site.

January 10, 2008

It started when a Pink (eBay slang for an ebay employee that posts to their forums – it always shows up in Pink thus the Pink name) posted a long blurb about Finding 2.0 to the Finding 2.0 discussion thread (see post 2239), but in there dropped this little nugget:

I found out that Best Match has been set the default sort in browse for the following five categories:

Consumer Electronics
Cameras & Photo
Computer & Networking
Toys & Hobbies

In the last week a number of sellers have reported significant traffic drop offs and then the community re-discovered this post and started to do some experimentation and then ‘bling’ the lightbulb went off that HOLY COW, BestMatch is here now and it’s changing the search experience!  (we’ve been saying this for a year.  DSRS DSRS DSRS!!!).  Auction-format sellers are particularly freaked out/impacted.

Here’s how to see this in action.

1. Go to www.ebay.com
2. Click on Consumer Electronics Category
3. Click on the Apple Ipod category
4. You may see (this seems to be in testing mode) that over on the right there is a drop down box that is the sort order and it is set to “Best Match”.  Obviously this changes the browsing/search experience away from “ending first” to “eBay quality score – heavily influenced by DSRs” kind of a model.

Note if you don’t see this, but want to see it reliably, go to the playground.ebay.com and do it again and you will definitely see the new experience.

Ina over at AuctionBytes has a good article on the change (with lots of good comments) and Randy Smythe has also covered it from an interesting angle.

Are you ready for Finding 2.0?