eBay has gone discount crazy – 20% cash back now avail! Up to 30%+ off if you play it right!!!

June 22, 2008


(Sellers – be patient, read to the bottom for a great idea on how to use this to drive sales for YOU)

I’ve blogged here about several things going on right now like:

  • Copious couponing (I’m hearing 10% off up to $100 is being flooded to registered users right now – see above and I just got a $10 off shipping for 3 items too!!)
  • Paypal’s 1.5% cash back
  • The eBayBucks 4% (or whatever you get offered) back program

And now eBay has partnered with Microsoft’s Live search engine to offer 20% cash back (some people say 35%, but I only have seen 20%).  Yes you heard me, 20% cash back (that’s more than eBay’s take rate so I don’t know how the math is working on this one.) Here’s the beauty – these programs don’t seem to EXCLUDE each other at all.  I’ve had several readers report being able to use for say a $200 item:

  1. eBayBucks 4% – $8
  2. 10% off up to $100  – $10
  3. Paypal 1.5% (fund from balance or bank) 1.5% – $3
  4. And the biggie – 20% from live.com – $40

Yielding $200-$40-$10-$8-$3 = $139 left to pay or a whopping $61 in discounts or 30.5% off for those of you keeping track.  So if you’ve been waiting for a $200-$500 item and are willing to invest some time in this, you can get a rare 30% off.  This is evidently burning up all the discount sites out there so no telling how long it will last.

Sign me up!!

Ok, here’s my quick and dirty ‘how to play’ instructions:

Step1:  Go to live.com, do a product-oriented search and you’ll see a sponsored link for the program.  Click that and register for the cash back program. Make sure to choose paypal as your $ system and make sure it’s the SAME account you’ll be using for everything you want to layer in (1.5% cash back and stuff).
Step2:  Go BACK to live.com and do a search for a product (xbox games works as of this writing).  You will see an eBay.com paid-search advertisement.  Click on that link.

You see the first two steps below:

You’ll know you’ve done this right if when you get to eBay it is splattered with live cash back icons and banners on the top and down the left side, like this:

Step3: Read and make sure you understand the terms (the eBay specific ones) that are here.  The biggest gotcha’s I see are:

  • Limit three per account
  • You have to buy within 60 mins of click and pay within 30 days (to be safe do it all fast)
  • no ebayexpress or half.com (NOOOO!!! kidding – nobody shops there)

Step4: Ok go buy something, use your coupons at checkout like you normally would.

Step5: You will be sent an email via mymessages confirming the deal!

To do your other 2 purchases, make sure to go to live.com, click on an eBay sponsored link and shop quickly.

If my instructions don’t make sense or work for you, here is a more detailed set I found and sites like fatwallet.com are littered with them.

Tidbit for sellers

Ok sellers, here’s how you can use this to drive GMV on eBay’s dime.

  1. Create an eBay store page with instructions like mine or the ones I linked to on how to use the program for your buyers.
  2. Make sure your listings specify Paypal and you have lots of BINS/fixed price listings out there (store listings would be great if you already have some).
  3. Email your customer base with a title like this:  Myshop – eBay 20% cash back summer madness sale via live.com+eBay partnership.
    1. In this email Point them to your instructions in your store as step one.
    2. As step 2 send them to your eBay store and tell them to start shopping.
    3. Maybe even highlight some listings in the 200-300 as ‘optimised for the program’
    4. Maybe even remind the buyer to check their eBay mymessages (put a link) for any recent eBay coupons that work for your store as well.
  4. Sit back and count the $$

Heck you could even raise prices a little bit before doing this as they will get 20% off 😉