eBay Brain Drain – Goodbye

May 15, 2007

Brain_drainAdam Nash, one of the top brains behind eBay Express, has left the (eBay) building.  Looks like he’s joining a slew of other ex-eBay’ers over at LinkedIN, but that’s not 100% certain.  You can read his farewell to eBay Express here.

One thing I discovered while researching this story (I wonder if eBay is following this) is there is a group of ex-eBayers now that are maintaining:

  • An ex-ebayers (and current ebayers) blog wiki here.  As you can see Greg, Ro and now Adam are on the “ex” side of the list now.
  • There’s also an “ebay alumni network“.  Several eBay Strategies readers are members and feed the juicy stuff to me, so I’ll keep you posted.

Both of these are great sources of who is leaving eBay and why as well as some good eBay gossip.