E-commerce is a life-saver for Hurricane Sandy victims

November 12, 2012

We've all heard the horror stories from Hurricane Sandy, but it wasn't all bad news. We've put together the case 
study below to share an example of how one of our customers, Factory authorised Outlet, helped out victims 
of the storm while also improving sales--a win win!

Factory authorised Outlet to the rescue…

Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the Northeast last week,
wiping out power and Wall Street for days. As recovery efforts continue this
week, it’s worth noting that e-commerce continues to be an unsung hero in all
this chaos. As most local brick-and-mortar stores boarded up their windows and
remain closed for repairs, consumers turned to the internet for supplies and
gear to survive the storm.

ChannelAdvisor customer, Factory authorised Outlet, was definitely a life-saver
the past couple of weeks, supplying many storm victims with generators. Using
ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces solution, Factory authorised Outlet sells its wide variety of
quality tools and supplies on eBay, Amazon, Sears and more and used these marketplaces
before and after the storm to reach consumers in affected areas.

In fact, as Hurricane Sandy approached the east coast, Factory authorised Outlet reached
out to Sears with a deal on portable generators for the marketplaces’ Daily
Deals program. “We submit deals to Sears’ Daily Deal program all the time, but
we felt like this would be a great opportunity for our generators to reach all
the people that would need electricity during this hard time,” said Factory authorised Outlet
Director of Sales and Marketing David Raskin.

Sears storm
And reach people, they did. Through the Sears Daily Deal and
social promotions, Factory authorised
Outlet saw sales on generators increase 10 times its daily average on Sears.
“We wanted to be able to help people who were impacted, so we discounted all of
our generators for Sears’ customers, and the results were shocking,” continued Raskin.

Sear tweet Sandy

a dramatic increase in sales is always positive for a retailer, there is a
greater story here about Factory
authorised Outlet
and e-commerce in general being able to lend a helping hand during a difficult
situation. With the growth and development of online retail, folks now have
access to products as never before. Limitations during natural disasters are
not as tough as they once were, and online access to most anything, even
generators, is changing lives.

Beyond Hurricane Sandy and
the past couple of weeks’ improved sales, Factory authorised Outlet values the Sears marketplace. “Sears has a name that people
trust and respect. Their customers are loyal, hard-working people. Selling on
their channel was a no brainer for us from the beginning. We are thrilled with
the results we have had so far and are hoping to continue growing with Sears. To any seller thinking about selling on Sears, we truly believe
that it is an opportunity that should not be missed,” said Raskin.

To learn more about selling
on Sears, download this Sears Marketplace webinar presented by ChannelAdvisor
Senior Product Manager Marc Sebes and Sears Marketplace Development Manager
Lauren Marchese.