Dates for Google Shopping European Transition Released

November 16, 2012

Back in May, Google announced it was
rolling out changes to its Shopping feature, starting with the US. This
transition was completed on the 17th of October, and today
Google announced the next phase of this transition will take place in Europe.

Google Product Search will be sunset in
Europe in 2013, and a commercially based replacement will take over in the
shape of Google Shopping. Google Shopping is different in that it is built on a
fee-based model of PLAs (Product Listing Ads), which gives retailers greater
control over where their ads appear and the opportunity to get more consistent
levels of high quality website traffic. Product Listing Ads create a more
engaging user experience while making it easy for retailers to promote their
entire product line to Google. The visual element of this type of ad, along
with price, “pre-qualifies” clicks more than traditional keyword searches and
improves conversion rates since the shopper has more information on that
specific item. When the full transition is complete, ranking in Google Shopping will be based on a combination of relevance and bid price.

Retailers in the United Kingdom,
Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and
Switzerland will begin to see this change on 13 February 2013,
and the transition will be complete by June 2013. This gives retailers the
opportunity to optimise their campaigns and prepare for the change. However,
Google will be offering incentives to those who adapt earlier.

This move to a fee-based model will be a
dramatic shift for many brands and retailers, and will have both financial and
strategic implications for their online businesses. We will be hosting a
“Google Shopping: The Inside Scoop” webinar on Tuesday, 20 November 2013, to
help European retailers understand this important transition. ChannelAdvisor
Director of Product Management Link Walls will host the webinar and will
discuss the new Google model, key dates for European retailers and lessons
learned from the US transition in September.

If you would like to attend this
webinar, register now: