Cyber Five Frenzy: Mobile-Friendly & Quantity Management

October 7, 2014

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Ah, the much-anticipated holiday season will soon be upon us. While years ago retailers didn’t need to prepare for the holidays until Q4, these days “Christmas Creep” has forced many retailers to kick it into high gear before the leaves start changing colors.

To help all retailers prepared for the holiday rush, we’ll be sharing several holiday preparation tips right here on our blog over the next two months. We want to make sure you’re covered from all angles, so two tips per post — one on digital marketing and one on marketplaces— and two blogs per week. We’ll begin with the tips that take the most time to implement and end with the less complex. Let the prepping commence!

Digital Marketing Tip #1: Make sure you’re mobile-friendly

A quick way to address this before the holidays is with responsive design. Also, you want to make sure that your site loads quickly. Think about how impatient holiday shoppers are in lines. How long will they really wait for your site to load.

What’s responsive design, you may ask? It’s simply a website code that ensures your site is optimized for viewers, no matter what device they’re using.

This reactive website design is beneficial in other ways, too. It improves search engine optimization (SEO) because Google prefers a responsive designed site. Responsive design also helps mitigate bounces resulting from a difficult-to-navigate mobile website. In fact, mobile websites that are frustrating to navigate have a 61% exit rate. Not sure how your site’s mobile speed stacks up? Check out your site’s mobile speed here.

Marketplaces Tip #1: Improve quantity management

Whether it’s a Tickle Me Elmo or the newest Xbox, when it comes to that hot holiday toy, it’s a numbers game. You don’t want to order too little and wind up out of stock, and you don’t want to order too many and have a surplus taking up valuable warehouse space. While we can’t predict the hottest items this holiday season, we can give you some strategies for managing your product quantities.

  • Optimize your quantity strategy by juggling the quantity across multiple marketplaces and your webstore. With ChannelAdvisor’s Inventory Juggler, when an item sells, the quantity is automatically updated across all channels to avoid risk of overselling. For those items that have a high sales velocity, you’ll want to set a buffer of safety stock so you don’t oversell.

  • Bundle items if you end up with excess inventory at the end of the season. For example, a laptop and a laptop case: Packaging complementary items as a single bundle can help retailers stand out from the crowd, get inventory (not to mention revenue) flowing and save on shipping costs.

  • Take advantage of daily deals. Nearly every marketplace has some form of a deal program (eBay’s Daily Deals, Amazon’s Lightning Deals, etc.). Many shoppers will receive gift cards for the holidays, so give them something to spend them on!

To kick off the holiday season with flying colors, start executing on these tips sooner rather than later, as the tips mentioned above can be time-consuming. Also, be on the lookout this Thursday for the next blog post in our holiday series, which will discuss management of your online reputation and optimization for Google’s Shopping Campaigns!


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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