Cyber Five Frenzy: Emerging Marketplaces and Keyword Bids

October 21, 2014

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To help all retailers prepare for the holiday rush, we’ll be kicking our blog into high gear, sharing several holiday preparation tips over the span of the next two months. We want to make sure you’re covered from all angles, so two tips per post — one on digital marketing and one on marketplaces — and two blogs per week. We’ll begin with the tips that take the most time to implement and end with the less complex. Let the prepping commence!

41 days until the much-anticipated Cyber Monday. Don’t panic. There’s still time to implement tactics that will expand the breadth of your business. Maybe that includes exploring an additional marketplace beyond Amazon and eBay. How about tweaking your existing paid search practices to reflect eye-catching promotions? If you’re feeling really ambitious, why not try both!

Holiday prep time is dwindling, so it’s best to try to wrap up holiday initiatives now — especially if you’re interested in launching on an additional marketplace, as that can take several weeks. Below, we’ve outlined best practices to help you get started.

Marketplaces Tip #5: Check out emerging marketplaces

We all know that Amazon and eBay dominate the marketplace realm. They’re the biggest and baddest online product hubs around. But limiting yourself to selling on just these marketplace behemoths may be holding you back from potential sales. Below, we’ve compiled a list of emerging marketplaces around the globe, all of which give you access to fresh sources of demand. There’s still time to launch on a new marketplace before the holiday season picks up, if you act now!

Emerging Marketplaces.jpg

*Providing listings here as seller information is unavailable.

Digital Marketing Tip #5: Put your best bids forward

During the holidays, competition gets feisty! One piece of low-hanging fruit is using callout extensions and sitelinks within your ads to highlight eye-catching promotions. Sitelinks and callout extensions, which are both free to incorporate, can be used together to alert potential customers to information about offers and services you provide. In the Lenox example below, they’ve called out a 40% off promotion, as well as free shipping, all within a branded paid search ad.

As you’re planning for the holidays, consider the following search tips:

  • First week in November: Ramp up bids.

  • Right after last shipping day: Ramp down bids to pre-holiday levels.

  • Review last year’s performance:

    • Ensure that strong-performing keywords from last year are not paused.

    • If there’s a new product model, update it and give it an appropriate bid.

    • Use ChannelAdvisor’s Seasonal Bid Adjuster to understand how keywords performed last holiday and bid up or down appropriately.

    • Review your daily spend totals from 2013 and consider increasing these budgets by at least 20%.


These tips can take some time to implement, so put them into action pronto. We always love hearing about your progress as we approach one of the busiest times of year, so feel free to update us in the comments below.

Be on the lookout this Thursday for our next blog post in our holiday series. We’ll review eBay returns policy as well as discuss the best use for remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs)!


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor


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