Customer Success Story: Auto Parts Retailer Grows 400% with ChannelAdvisor

November 3, 2014

As a software provider, it’s immensely rewarding to see the e-commerce success of our customers,
especially relatively young retailers. The online automotive industry is thriving, but as most automotive retailers know, it’s an increasing challenge to move inventory. Automotive retailer ShopEddies has experienced massive expansion in a comparatively short time, and we hope its story can provide inspiration for other retailers.

Company Overview

Shopeddies-thumbnail-1ShopEddies is one of the largest online retailers of automotive and recreational vehicle (RV) performance parts and accessories. The company’s strong reputation in the automotive industry makes it a preferred auto choice among consumers. Owner William (Bill) Baiden and his team work to ensure that all customers are guaranteed the top brands and best performers at competitive prices, both on the company’s website and various online marketplaces.

The Situation

Before Baiden founded ShopEddies in 2012, he was a business owner and retailer in a different industry — arts and crafts — and used ChannelAdvisor to manage his marketplaces listings. He later decided to pursue the automotive side of things and used ChannelAdvisor’s services to help his new business adjust to the frequently changing requirements of each online marketplace.

For automotive sellers especially, the e-commerce landscape is extensive, so it’s important to have a fully functional system in place to sell online.

The Solution

Using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, ShopEddies listed its automotive products on Amazon, eBay, Shopping and Sears. After much success, the company was housing inventory in 20 warehouses and using five or six suppliers. To help manage inventory more efficiently, Baiden decided to take advantage of OrderPigeon. OrderPigeon is a fulfillment solution focused on regulating inventory, order and shipping data between retailers and wholesale distributors. The seamless connection between ChannelAdvisor and OrderPigeon allowed ShopEddies to fulfill orders with the fastest, least expensive shipping method available.

Baiden considers inventory and data control two of his company’s greatest challenges when selling online. The ChannelAdvisor-OrderPigeon integration makes ongoing updates and enhancements to ShopEddies pricing and shipments and allows the company to track inventory data at each distribution center, as well as monitor fulfillment timing for orders. ShopEddies’ inventory is now successfully automated, saving the company time and confusion.

The Results

With ChannelAdvisor, ShopEddies grew by 400% within the first year and increased its product quantity from 40,000 items to more than 300,000. “We went from zero sales to an established automotive and RV performance parts and accessories online retailer with ChannelAdvisor as our partner, and we’re continuing to grow,” said Baiden.

ShopEddies also recently tapped into cross-border trade by using ChannelAdvisor to sell internationally to 60 countries via eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP). In attempts to drive traffic back to its website and increase mobile sales, ShopEddies is also in the process of launching Google Shopping campaigns with ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing.

We’re proud to have such a valued client in ShopEddies and wish the company the best in its future success!


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

SemaChannelAdvisor will be attending SEMA, the automotive trade event, November 4 – 7. If you’re interested in discussing your e-commerce strategy and finding out how you can benefit from using ChannelAdvisor, please request a meeting with one of our auto experts.