CSE Holiday Rates for 2010

November 10, 2010

Tis the season… For ecommerce retailers, this means huge boosts to conversions and revenue. For advertisers on CSEs, this typically means rate increases. In Holiday Seasons past, these rate increases have generally been 25% across all categories starting at the beginning of November and ending as last mid-January. However, last year, we saw a different trend. For some CSEs, the rate increases did not apply to all categories and for the categories that did have increases, they varied from 5 – 25%. There were some CSEs in 2009 who chose not to raise rates all!

For 2010, we find NexTag and PriceGrabber raising rates across all categories by 25%. This applies to all traffic you have received since November 1. Their rate increase will last into January of 2011. Shopping.com and Shopzilla rate increases will vary between 0 and 30% based on category. This is the first I remember any category rate increase being more than 25%. Amazon Product Ads and Become.com will not be increasing rates for the holidays.

For a more complete list of which CSEs are making rate changes, what the increases will be, when the rate increases will begin and end, and rate cards for category-by-category rate increases, see our 2010 Comparison Shopping Holiday Rate Changes page in the ChannelAdvisor Strategy and Support centre.