Couple of ChannelAdvisor news items and eBay/Gmarket speculation

January 8, 2008

  1. Our UK team continues to do extremely well.  Today we announced that ChannelAdvisor UK is welcoming one of the UK’s top sellers, Ace Electronics UK into the ChannelAdvisor family.  Welcome Ace!!
  2. I’m heading out to Phoenix to present our thoughts on the world of paid search at the Citigroup annual media/internet/tech event.  We were proud to be one of a handful of private companies invited to present.
  3. Our CFO, Bill Brown, is heading up to New York for Needham’s growth stock conference to tell the ChannelAdvisor story.
  4. I’m starting to get a lot of questions about eBay’s rumored acquisition of Gmarket. I don’t have any information to share here, but do think it’s a smart move as it kills many birds with one stone:
    1. It’s a core investment, unlike Skype
    2. Gmarket would get eBay’s growth engine going again in Asia
    3. Gmarket seems to have cracked the ‘low listing fee’, high fixed-price, but keep auctions alive formula that eBay is going to need to crack to start growing again in the USA. The only other company that seems to have cracked this considerable nut is Mercado Libre.  Maybe eBay acquires both?  I say it’s time to go big or go home!!
  5. Vishesh Kumar over at has a good article on the financial merits of the gmarket rumored transaction.