Conference call tomorrow (Tues) – CyberMonday Review with Bear Stearns…

November 27, 2006

I wanted to let all of the CSE Strategies readers know about a conference call I’m participating in with Bob Peck @ Bear Stearns.  Cyber Monday is the topic of the call which is broad and I’m sure in addition to ecommerce, ebay, google checkout, etc. we’ll be touching on CSEs as well.

Bob graciously cleared readers of the blog to attend.  Here are the details – I hope you are able to make it!

Dial In 800-683-1535 (domestic); 973-633-6740 (int’l); Passcode#

Replay: 1-877-519-4471 (domestic); 973-341-3080 (int’l); pin#:


Topics to be Addressed:

The Impact of Cyber Monday on eCommerce

Who Were The Prime Beneficiaries of Cyber Monday

Current Trends on the eBay Platform

The Direction of Conversion Rates and ASPs on eBay

The Role of The Pure Search Engines in eCommerce

How are the Shopping Search Engines Helping Drive Growth

Amazon Webstores

Adoption of Google Checkout

Current Views on PayPal