Condition Value Displaying on Google Product Search Result and Product Pages

July 7, 2009

Condition value is displaying both on results pages and product pages for some Google Product Search users. This is not too surprising considering Google recently made the condition attribute a required value.

The condition, or conditions in the case of product pages containing offers of more than one condition, appears next to the product price. In addition, a “New items” check box that filters out non-new products from the result set appears at the top of the results next to the checkout and free shipping check box filters.  On the product pages themselves, a condition column is visible as well as a similar check box filter for new items.

This is great news for consumers in terms of usability. It’s frustrating as a consumer to see a great price on a laptop only to click through and find it is not the new computer you were hoping to buy. I think it is likely that older computer and consumer electronics products will start to fall out of high positions, rather than be artificially anchored to the top by traffic from users who don’t realise they are clicking on offers are for non-new products.