ChannelAdvisor’s Social Commerce Suite Adds Support for Houzz

October 30, 2014

ChannelAdvisor’s Social Commerce suite continues to expand, now with the addition of the popular social platform Houzz. Houzz allows homeowners to share and browse photos for home improvement and design ideas. Users also have the ability to purchase listed products from retailers, as well as connect directly with designers and construction professionals.

Houzz has quickly become an effective tool for retailers in the home improvement and design industries. Online retailers can participate in a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program that uses product thumbnail images to put products in front of visitors based on the room, style and products they’re researching.

ChannelAdvisor’s Social Commerce suite provides a unified solution for retailers interested in promoting products with social solutions like Houzz’s Pay-Per-Click Program. ChannelAdvisor customers can simply send a single product inventory feed to ChannelAdvisor, where the data is automatically transformed to meet the unique requirements and specifications of the Houzz data feed. Customers will also have access to a range of performance data that will allow them to optimize their product listings and social campaigns.


To find out more about how ChannelAdvisor connects retailers to social commerce sites, email us at or call 866-264-8594.

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