ChannelAdvisor Support for eBay In-Store Pickup

October 22, 2013

As you saw earlier this morning, Scot covered eBay’s announcement of In-Store Pickup and we’ve gotten a lot of questions about our support for this new initiative.  Marshall Smith, ChannelAdvisor Technical Lead for eBay, put together the blog post below to provide a deeper dive and explain our support for eBay’s In-Store Pickup.

nearly 20 years, eBay has provided an online marketplace where you can
find just about anything and have it delivered to you in just a few
days.  From clothing to electronics and automotive parts to household
items, the eBay marketplace provides a venue to find anything you might
need.  But what about if you need it right now?


In a few cities, eBay has pioneered eBay Now
to address those needs.  If you’re one of the lucky ones to live in an
eBay Now city (San Francisco/San Jose, LA, NYC, or Chicago) then you can
place an order with eBay Now and a courier deliver your items directly
to you.  But what if you aren’t in one of those cities?


week, eBay has launched a new model — In-Store Pickup.  This is
available for orders from select merchants who have included their
distributed product quantity information into their eBay listing data.
ChannelAdvisor has been working with eBay for several months to
integrate this functionality and support sellers that have physical
locations where the seller can provide an in-person pickup experience
for buyers.  Using the quantity of each SKU available in each location,
buyers see the local quantity they can pick up now or they can instead
choose to have products shipped through the standard options to arrive
in just a few days.  When an item has been enabled for In-Store Pickup,
the buyer will see availability information for their local stores.


the buyer’s choice — pick it up today in the store or have it
conveniently shipped to them in a few days.  Not only does this new
option expand the options for a buyer, but also increases the number of
products available for buyers on the eBay marketplace.  Buyers now have a
convenient option to purchase online and pick up their item today by
coming to your local store.

a buyer selects to pick up their item in the store, the purchase is
quickly transmitted to the store to ensure one is set aside for that
buyer.  Once the store confirms that an item has been set aside, the
buyer is notified that their purchase is ready for them to come pick up.
Even though the purchase was on eBay, the pickup process is exactly
the same as the existing in- store pickup model used by the retailer.
The buyer brings their purchase confirmation from eBay including any
identifier defined by the retailer and collects their purchase.

has been working with eBay for several months to develop this process
and ensure that retailers have a successful integration.  There are many
parts to this process that are substantially different from traditional
warehouse fulfilment, and we have made an effort to make those as easy
as possible for you to combine with traditional shipping fulfilment.  To see the In-Store Pickup in action for yourself, check out Toys “R” Us, one of the retailers piloting the program.  If
you are interested in providing an In-Store Pickup option for your
customers, contact ChannelAdvisor at!

Blog post by Marshall Smith, ChannelAdvisor Technical Lead, eBay