ChannelAdvisor Spring Release 2015: Jet, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and More

April 23, 2015


How many of you want your business to be more profitable?

That’s what we thought.

To bring in those extra dollars, you’ll need a viable strategy for finding shoppers interested in your products.

And we aren’t talking about simply listing additional products. We mean gaining more customers and tapping into new sources of demand.

ChannelAdvisor’s 2015 Spring Release includes several options, in addition to new support for eBay Austria and eBay Switzerland, to help you broaden your reach and deepen your customer base.


jetYou’ve probably already heard some buzz about Jet. The new online marketplace has a unique e-commerce model that aims to drive a better experience (and better economics) for both sellers and buyers.

How does Jet plan to do this? By focusing on building a fair marketplace where value wins, driving higher average order values for retailers. At a very basic level, it functions like this:

  • Buyers are motivated to shop in a way that minimizes cost for retailers, drives larger baskets and maximizes order profitability. For example, the discounts each customer receives vary depending on the total spend. If a customer buys more than one item, Jet will find a retailer that has all the items in its warehouse. If a retailer is located, Jet applies additional discounts to the order, since it’s more  cost-effective to ship all the items from one place.
  • At checkout, Jet determines which retailer can provide the best economic value for a transaction based on product location, buyer location and order details, such as product mix.
  • The winning retailer then fulfills the order.
  • Buyers access these savings and benefits by joining Jet and paying a membership fee of $49.99 per year.

Want a more extensive overview? Check out this deep dive by ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo.

MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade

Want to gain access to Latin American e-commerce markets without the hassle of setting up local business entities to do so? For US retailers, MercadoLibre’s Cross-Border Trade (CBT) program can be the answer.

MercadoLibre is the top e-commerce site in Latin America, where its Brazilian and Mexican marketplaces represent 60% of total MercadoLibre gross merchandise value (GMV). [1]

As your gateway to the thriving Latin American e-commerce markets, MercadoLibre CBT can help with four main challenges of selling internationally:

  • International Logistics: After a transaction takes place, you ship the product to one of the MercadoLibre CBT warehouses in the US. Once the package has been received at the warehouse, MercadoLibre CBT handles filing, importation paperwork, clearing customs, paying importation taxes and delivering the product to the buyer.
  • Payments: US retailers will be able to sell products and receive payments without opening local accounts in Latin America.
  • Translating and Localizing Listings: In addition to making sure your listings’ content and prices are localized to participating countries, MercadoLibre CBT also ensures that your final product prices include the expenses incurred during import.
  • Customer Service: MercadoLibre CBT translates questions from buyers and passes them back to you. You can reply in English, and then MercadoLibre CBT translates your answers back into the original language.


Don’t worry about becoming a local expert. With MercadoLibre CBT, you can open vast new streams of international revenue without having to board a plane.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

As a retailer, you likely have a Facebook business page, but are you making the most out of the social network’s advertising opportunities?

Facebook released dynamic product ads back in February. Essentially, they’re a type of retargeting ad, driven by product data feeds, that show up in a user’s Facebook news feed — where the average user spends 40 minutes per day.

And the best part? These product ads give you information about your customers’ behavior because you can deliver custom ads — based on site visitors’ actions — on any device, regardless of the original touchpoint.

Retargeting ads have been popular for years, but dynamic retargeting gives you control over where those types of ads appear on Facebook, as well as who’s viewing them.


Be sure to tune back next week for a detailed look at how our 2015 Spring Release will help scale your capabilities with bundles, customizable invoice templates and Google Shopping campaigns.

[1] MercadoLibre Company Data


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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