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February 1, 2019

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What We’re Excited About This Month…

The new year is in full swing. And that means new goals, new budgets, new strategies and, hopefully, new growth… And, as you may have noticed here, a new look. It’s the same great content, except more of it. We want this monthly dose of e-commerce tips and resources to be as useful as possible for you. So if you have any topics you’d like us to cover, feel free to drop us a line at

Speaking of things we’re excited about, ChannelAdvisor has just been named the #1 leading provider for marketplace and comparison engine feed management to the Internet Retailer Top 1000 for the seventh year in a row. Read more here.

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ChannelAdvisor Platform Sneak Peek: The Tools to Help You Market, Sell & Fulfill Better

You’ve read all the bullet points, heard all the success stories. You know, on paper, what the ChannelAdvisor platform could do for your e-commerce business. But have you ever wanted someone to simply show you the power of the platform? To walk you through the elements that match your goals and can lead to success in marketing, selling and fulfilling?

That opportunity is here. Join our webinar at 11 a.m. EST, Tuesday, February 12, as Mike Ference, an expert at helping brands and retailers of all experience levels leverage the power of the ChannelAdvisor platform, takes you on a practical and insightful walk through the features in the application and the advantages they offer.

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Seller Spotlight

Bling Jewelry Shines Worldwide

Bling Jewelry has grown from a small online business in a single apartment to a multimillion dollar e-commerce operation with 14,000 products across 44 marketplaces around the world. But it wasn’t always easy. Along the way, centralizing and manually updating its growing inventory base became increasingly difficult. And that’s when Bling turned to ChannelAdvisor. Bling leveraged the ChannelAdvisor platform to help automate many of these manual processes, expand to new marketplaces seamlessly and focus on growth. Learn more about Bling’s journey in this video.

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Partner Spotlight

When it comes to fulfillment, consumer expectations are changing. Fast. And those expectations of quicker, cheaper fulfillment options will only increase in 2019. ShipBob, an end-to-end fulfillment solution provider with a network of fulfillment centers across the US, sees this evolution firsthand. To help brands and retailers meet these growing consumer demands, one of their experts recently wrote a post for the ChannelAdvisor Blog: Order Fulfillment in 2019: Meet Customer Expectations and Increase Conversions. The post outlines three fulfillment strategies brands and retailers can leverage to align their strategies to consumer expectations and deliver top notch fulfillment in 2019.

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Did You Know?

From an industry standpoint, e-commerce experienced another year of strong growth in 2018. But did your company’s growth align with the industry growth of your product category?

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