ChannelAdvisor launches next generation Amazon solution

September 22, 2009

Today at, we announced the availability and will be demoing our new Amazon offering.  If you aren’t at we have details on the site and we can certainly schedule a remote demo.

We’ve been working on this offer for over a year and took all of the learnings from our first product (now 4yrs+ old) and feedback from hundreds of Amazon sellers, Amazon themselves and lots of other sources.
The highlights of the new solution:
  • FBA support – Customers have been clamoring for FBA support and we’re delivering.
  • Product Repricer – This module will allow retailers to dynamically compete on Amazon for premium position, including the Buy Box, while managing their margins carefully.
  • Quick launch –  This solution has been designed to get an existing ChannelAdvisor customer through the ‘sell on Amazon’ process in under 10 minutes.  We have removed all friction from selling on Amazon.
  • Analytics/recommendations –  Selling on Amazon can be a mystery sometimes.  Why aren’t product selling more?  What does this error message mean?  What can I do to sell more?  We’ve put ACTIONABLE elements everywhere in the application.  If there’s an error, we decode it for you and then show you how to fix it.  Sales not where you want, we offer suggestions on how to fix.

Those are highlights of the release, if you want more information, feel free to check out the press release and product info links above.  If you have questions, as always, keep the conversation going in comments.