ChannelAdvisor launches ADC!

February 5, 2008

What’s an ADC you maybe asking?  ADC is our Agile Development centre.  About 9 months now we decided to change how we develop software@CA from what’s called a traditional ‘waterfall’ method to Agile/Scrum.  The results have been amazing.  We’re able to release new code to customers every 30 days or so now and better match what our engineering team is working on and producing to customer needs.

As we outgrew our office space and looked to expand into the building next door, we used the opportunity to outfit the new office space and add special design elements that encourage/support the new scrum methodology.  We call this new space the Agile Development centre or ADC.

If you are local here in the RTP area, we’re hosting an open house next week Tuesday from 6-8 and would love to have you over and show you some of the highlights.  If you’re not local, let anyone you know from the areas to come on over – especially engineering types as we are looking to really increase our engineering team size in 08.