ChannelAdvisor Customer Wins for CSE…

March 19, 2007

Today, ChannelAdvisor announced a plethora of new customers that are using our full-service comparison shopping engine software+services.   Some of the customers we announced today are Brookstone, Cable Shopping Network, Calumet, Lucy Activewear and Personal Creations.

Our solution provides all the basic blocking and tackling of datafeed generation, optimization and management, BUT adds sophisticated revenue+margin tracking and ROI management on top of that foundation.  This allows retailers to look at CSE a channel where they can look at each SKU’s performance and decide if they should keep promoting it or not.

Also our flexible merchandising options that allow a retailer to rapidly change their product information (descriptions, pricing, promo text, etc.) are receiving rave reviews.

John Lucy at Brookstone said:


We looked at several critical factors during
our partner selection process including strong technology, industry
knowledge and a clear definition of services.   After
evaluating many companies who only send data feeds, we found
ChannelAdvisors approach was the one that
best solved each of our challenges and offered a true full service


If you are using a vendor for your datafeeds and aren’t happy with the turn around time or their ability to look at CSE as a sales channel and not just a feed consumer.  Give ChannelAdvisor a call, its time to take your CSE efforts to the next level.