ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release 2015: Support for a New Era of Product Advertising and Managed Services

October 21, 2015


Product-based advertising is nothing new, but like everything else in e-commerce, it’s growing and changing. It’s on marketplaces. It’s on social networks. And if you want to be a better retailer of the future, product-based advertising needs to be on your current to-do list.

The updates in our 2015 Autumn Release equip retailers with tools to rise above the digital marketing noise. Not only is ChannelAdvisor the first e-commerce provider to support Amazon’s Advertising API, but we’ve also ramped up our support for Facebook advertisements and expanded our Managed Services offering.

Amazon Sponsored Products

amz sponsored productsFrom an e-commerce perspective, Amazon Sponsored Products is a unique program in that the ads are a hybrid between selling on a marketplace and bidding as you would for paid search ads. Leveraging our expertise in both third-party marketplaces and digital marketing, we’ve built optimal support for Sponsored Products, and we’re the first e-commerce solution provider to support Amazon’s Advertising API.

So what does this mean for you? As a ChannelAdvisor customer, you can use Sponsored Products to:

  • Manage your Amazon listings and advertising programs in one location
  • Automatically sync to import all your current Amazon campaigns
  • Receive Advertising Insights that provide recommendations about which products to feature in your ads
  • Target the best products to advertise by using ChannelAdvisor’s proprietary Smart Select technology to identify products by core attributes (e.g,. brand, ASIN, listing date) as well as Amazon-specific data points (e.g., Buy Box attainment, sales rank, FBA status)
  • Enjoy centralized campaign management, which allows you to view all performance metrics for your CPC entities — campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords — from the same interface
  • Strategically choose either automatic or manual keyword targeting options. (Automatic helps you get started quickly and provides actionable feedback on Amazon-selected keywords based on customer searches. Manual provides more customization and finessing of bids and keywords in your campaigns.)
  • View advanced performance metrics such as product-level reporting, conversion rate, cost per click, advertising cost of sales and more
  • Use bulk operations to activate, pause or archive campaigns, as well as perform bulk management of keyword bids and advertised products

amz sponsored products2

Updated Support for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook dynamic product ads have proved successful for many retailers since their launch back in February. And with our 2015 Autumn Release, you’re now able to fully manage these ads from within the ChannelAdvisor platform. This includes managing the functionality of your campaigns fb dynamic product adon both the ad and ad group levels, as well as previewing the ad while it’s being created.

Cross-Sell and Upsell Your Customers

To encourage repeat customers, you can now target recent purchasers of your products and show them complementary items. You also have control over how you define the related products. For example, let’s say someone adds a purse to their cart. You can show them ads for other purses, or you can mix it up and show them shoes instead (since they might be looking for a matching outfit).

One Account to Rule Them All

Once you set up your account with Facebook, you can do everything within the ChannelAdvisor platform. As a ChannelAdvisor user, you’ll be able to view and analyze your results from Facebook right alongside your other product ads and channels.

Product Advertising with Managed Services

Wish your e-commerce team were smarter? More experienced? More connected? More knowledgeable? We can help with that.

ChannelAdvisor Managed Services complements our industry-leading software solutions with strategic guidance from some of the most dedicated experts in the business. For our managed clients, it’s like having a whole team of e-commerce gurus in their corner, dispensing knowledge, creating efficiencies and ultimately providing them with a leg up on their competition.

Some of the recent advantages our Services team brought to our managed clients include front-end management for Google’s local inventory ads, as well as optimization for both Bing Shopping Campaigns and Yahoo Gemini Product Ads.


This concludes our in-depth look at each of the new features in the 2015 Autumn Release. If you’d like to review, catch up with our Autumn Release 2015 blog posts, eBook or on-demand webinar.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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