ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release 2015: Support for a New Era of Marketplaces

October 1, 2015


You know the saying, “There’s an app for everything.” Well, same goes for online marketplaces. Today, there are marketplaces, ranging from A to Z, that cater to almost any niche imaginable (yes, even one for finding a teacher…). No matter what kind of products you sell, it’s guaranteed they’ll find an online home among a highly relevant audience.

But with so many marketplaces, how do you pick which ones are right for your products and business?

That’s where ChannelAdvisor comes in. We can help you understand which marketplaces are worth pursuing, as well as give you access and flexibility to quickly connect your products to each new channel.

In addition to support for eBay Poland and eBay Belgium, our 2015 Autumn Release includes several other marketplaces integrations to help you grow your customer base. See below for our recent support of what we like to consider the marketplaces of tomorrow.

(Disclaimer: You won’t find a marketplace for teachers below, but you’ll see a gamer-focused site, social shopping sites and a personalized deal-discovery site in the mix!)

amazon-mxAmazon Mexico

Amazon expanded its global reach even further this past July with the introduction of the Amazon Mexico marketplace. With the growing popularity of e-commerce in Mexico, and the region’s proximity to the massive US market, Amazon’s expansion south was inevitable. The e-commerce market in Mexico grew 50% in 2013 and 32% in 2014, and its double-digit growth is expected to continue in 2015 with a forecasted 30% increase.


cdiscountFrance is a lucrative e-commerce destination, with online sales expected to reach nearly $70 billion by the end of 2015. — which claims to be the number one e-commerce website in the country — is a great way to tap into the French market.

Cdiscount is an attractive shopping destination for French shoppers because of its wide product range and unique payment model. The marketplace allows consumers to pay for an item in full or break it down into four installments. Cdiscount supports all four of the installments, directly accepting the order and paying the seller the full amount up front. The marketplace then ensures the customer pays the installments, so everything is taken care of with no hassle to the seller.

Access ChannelAdvisor

Access ChannelAdvisorAccess ChannelAdvisor is our newly launched program that allows all manner of e-commerce channels — big or small — to integrate with the ChannelAdvisor platform. As a result, ChannelAdvisor customers have access to more channels of demand at a faster pace than ever before. Each channel in the network has different audiences, niche segments and followings around the globe — all of which add up to a new pool of customers for your products.

Some of the channels in Access ChannelAdvisor:

  • Bluefly: A one-stop destination for affordable, stylish living. Bluefly curates a selection of designer brands’ fashion, home and beauty products at discounted pricing.
  • Choxi: Formerly known as, Choxi offers deals on everything from apparel to jewelry to electronics. With more than 2 million active customers, Choxi has experienced explosive growth through its deal-format model and is rapidly expanding its focus to new categories.
  • Flubit: When shoppers find a product they wish to purchase, they can enter the product URL into Flubit’s search engine and Flubit will search for a better offer. This UK program has led to one in every three offers converting to an order, and 60% of Flubit’s shoppers returning to buy again.
  • GAME: This marketplace provides gamers with a wide choice of gaming-related products. Launched just six months ago, it already partners with over 100 approved sellers and has more than 115,000 items currently listed.
  • Iguama: Iguama aims to satisfy the demand for US brands in Latin America with a marketplace that handles everything for sellers — from finding shoppers to shipping to regional payment options. The marketplace doesn’t profit from the products it sells — only from membership fees — and uses all commissions to reduce international costs and make its prices more competitive.
  • Mirakl: Mirakl provides the technology and expertise to help branded manufacturers and retailers launch their own marketplaces.
  • AG: This is where Swiss shoppers go for the largest range of used and new offers from private and professional sellers. With 2.3 million users and 15 million daily pageviews, AG bills itself as the leading online marketplace in Switzerland.
  • Tanga: Tanga makes shopping fun by helping its devoted customers find new and exciting products at no-brainer prices. In the summer of 2015, Tanga converted its flourishing daily deal site to become the leading marketplace for delivering personalized deal discovery to a massive pool of “dealaholics” and impulse buyers.
  • Wish: Selected by Google as the Best Shopping Application of 2014, Wish is a mobile commerce platform that creates a relevant, entertaining and personalized browsing experience for each individual consumer — translating into effective product exposure and better sales conversions for merchants.

Categorizer for Sears

You’ve got too many products to worry about. Let them sort themselves out. Literally. You need a proven solution to classify your marketplace
products with the correct keyword or ID automatically — reducing time and minimizing human error!

ChannelAdvisor’s Categorizer has been successful at helping retailers on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay identify and associate their products with specific lists of browsable classification values. Or to put in layman’s terms: automatically mapping products to the right category. The feature is so popular that we’ve extended the functionality to include the burgeoning Sears marketplace.


Check out our next post for a detailed look at how the 2015 Autumn Release brings you a new era of analytics. We dive into newly available benchmarking reports, as well as enhanced FBA analytics.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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