ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release 2015: Support for a New Era of Analytics

October 9, 2015


“Big Data” — what does that even mean? It’s a buzzword that you often hear thrown around in the e-commerce industry. You may have loads of data on how your business is doing — spreadsheets, reports, dashboards and more — but how do you use it to make savvy business decisions?

Well, with a robust and comprehensive set of commerce data, we’ve got tons of insights that you can now put to use so that Big Data is no longer just an empty buzzword.

Our new, innovative technology and upgraded dashboards, along with our latest round of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) analytics, will have you selling, shipping and making business decisions like the smartest guy in the room.

ECOMpass Benchmarking Data

Ever wonder how your marketplace performance stacks up? Do you know if you’re growing faster or slower than others in your category? Do you know what channels are best for products like yours?

Wonder no more.

With ECOMpass Benchmarking, you can get insight into how your performance compares with that of nearly 3,000 retailers and brands in the e-commerce space. ECOMpass Benchmarking includes the following suite of custom dashboards:

  • Marketplace Mix: Analyze how your sales break down across marketplaces, compared with the sales of competing sellers. Use this view to identify opportunities to expand your business.
  • Emerging Marketplace Mix: Analyze your sales breakdown across marketplaces other than Amazon and eBay, compared with your competitors. Use this view to identify opportunities to branch out to emerging marketplaces.
  • Same Store Sales (SSS): Compare your growth with the growth of marketplaces overall, as well as to that of competing sellers. Use this view to understand if you’re growing faster or slower than either the overall market and/or sellers in your categories.
  • Marketplace Category Performance: Compare your growth with the progress of other sellers in the same product category. Use this view to determine which of your categories are most successful and which are struggling, compared with the competition.

FBA Product Cost Calculations

When a seller chooses to use FBA for their pick, pack and ship operations, Amazon seller fees are only part of the equation. While FBA has many advantages, pricing for these products must account for the additional fees.

We’ve developed a feature in our platform that will allow you to calculate your total product costs more accurately and efficiently. Here’s how it works:

  • ChannelAdvisor collects and calculates the Amazon-estimated FBA and referral fee for each of your products.
  • You have the option to include one or both feeds in your Repricer calculations when determining the pricing limit.
  • The Repricer will run and automatically build these costs into your bottom line.
  • You can preview the impact of including the fees in the Repricer Preview.

FBA Inventory Velocity Reporting

Managing inventory for your top selling products in FBA is essential for maintaining consistent sales. Inform your reordering decisions with the Inventory Velocity report, which provides information on recent sales, identifying the SKUs that are selling quickly and at risk of selling out.

You can use the report to identify high velocity SKUs — both seller-managed and those held in an FBA distribution center — and view an estimate of how long the existing quantity will last. The report will also highlight slow-moving products that may need additional promotion or discounting. 


Check out the next post in our 2015 Autumn Release series for a detailed look at how a new era of product advertising. We’ll dive into our support for Amazon Sponsored Products and and our upgraded support for Facebook dynamic product ads.


Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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