Channeladvisor announces StoreAdvisor Premium!

August 26, 2008

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of StoreAdvisor Premium.  When we initially came out with our first ecommerce offering (CA stores, which today we are rebranding as ‘StoreAdvisor Standard’), we were pleasantly surprised by the results customers were able to achieve by encouraging customers they acquired from ecommerce channels like eBay, Amazon, etc. to become regular shoppers of their own store.  For many customers that were previously 100% channel-based, their ecommerce site grew quickly to be 25-50% of sales without much extra promotion.  As you can imagine if someone is doing $10-20m/yr on eBay, then opens an ecommerce site that does about half of that volume on top of their eBay business it exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Based on feedback from customers that wanted more than StoreAdvisor Standard was designed to provide, we started working on a move advanced solution.  After acquiring Marketworks last year we decided that their Premium Web Store (which forms the heart of StoreAdvisor Premium) was the way to go.  For those customers on the MW platform (MarketplaceAdvisor Std) we can now move them to our premium marketplace product while keeping their advanced store solution intact.

The engineering team worked diligently on addressing every single one of StoreAdvisor Std’s limitations, but was careful to not break anything and where possible enhance Standard’s strengths (single integration, simplicity, etc.)  We were pleasantly surprised (shocked) when our call for beta customers was literally oversubscribed in a matter of minutes!

Today we’re really excited to see StoreAdvisor Premium come out of beta in time for our  customers that are interested to get onto the platform for the holiday selling season.  In fact, we have many design partners already enlisted and trained to help out should we need it.

In addition to being an obvious choice for those ChannelAdvisor customers who feel they’ve outgrown our standard store offering, we’re seeing retailers on platforms like Miva, Yahoo! Stores and OScommerce evaluate the offering because of it’s super-tight integration into not only marketplaces (eBay/Amazon/Overstock), but also the entire CA Complete suite: SearchAdvisor and ShoppingAdvisor (and rich media soon).

In short we think StoreAdvisor premium is a killer platform for mid-tier retailers who either are leveraging their channels to grow their ecommerce sales or are already experiencing ecommerce success and want a more tightly integrated solution that ties all of the channels together and helps manage inventory and orders from a centralized location.

For more information:

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