ChannelAdvisor Announces Multi-Channel Assist Feature to Aid in Online Bid Management

June 24, 2008


From ChannelAdvisor’s Press Release:

SearchAdvisor Feature Offers Online Retailers Insight into Conversion Process for Maximum Profits

Research Triangle Park, NC – June 23, 2008 – ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of e-commerce channel management solutions, today announced the launch of SearchAdvisor’s new Multi-Channel Assist feature that evaluates the impact of paid search keywords and comparison shopping ads that contribute to online purchasing decisions. Retailers can incorporate these metrics into automatic bidding rules for increased profitability across multiple e-commerce channels.

Many of today’s tracking systems fail to deliver the full story of online campaign performance. Consequently, search marketers struggle to measure the true value of paid search keywords and comparison shopping ads that contribute to buying decisions, especially if they contain broad terms that consumers typically use to initiate their search. SearchAdvisor’s Multi-Channel Assist feature assigns a measurement to terms that assist in conversions, regardless of where they occur in the buying cycle or which channel consumers use to get to their products.

The new feature will benefit online retailers such as Park Seed Co. (, the world’s largest mail order gardening company selling millions of seeds, bulbs, plants and gardening accessories throughout North America.

“Multi-Channel Assists brought us a new understanding of how consumers search and buy our products,” says Ivana Petrovic, Paid Search Manager, Park Seed. “The reports have helped us justify bidding on broad terms that at first didn’t appear profitable. The process has helped us realise new revenue opportunities across all channels.”

“ChannelAdvisor’s multi-channel focus continues to fuel our success on paid search and comparison shopping engines,” says Walt Yates, eCommerce Director, Park Seed. “Due to their breadth of expertise on all the online marketplaces, we’ve been able to get a better return on investment than we have with previously used products”

“Search marketers have had to put lots of effort into validating their advertising budget decisions,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “With the Multi-Channel Assist feature, we’re delighted to offer online retailers visibility into the entire conversion process, from click to purchase, leading to more profits across all e-commerce channels.”

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