Changes to Google Suggest

May 22, 2009

Google is making big changes to their Google Suggest Tool to help make user searches faster and more relevant. Google Suggest is a feature that lists suggestions below the search bar as you type your search query.

Some changes include:

  • Adding suggestions on the results page (previously Google Suggest was only from the original search input)
  • Personalized suggestions based on your past searches when you are signed into your Google Account and have Web History enabled
  • Navigational suggestions to a specific site if Google thinks you might be looking for a domain
  • Sponsored link suggestions – Google will now suggest sponsored ads in the suggestion tool if they detect the ad to be the most relevant to your search query. The ads will be shown as a “Sponsored Link” and have a coloured back ground.

It will be interesting to see what kind of effect this will have on Paid Search. Will Google begin to allow bids for “Suggestions” ? Will Quality Score play a larger part in ads appearing in the Suggestion Tool?