Calling All Name-Callers

August 25, 2015

There seems to be a lot of name-calling in the e-commerce world, so we’ve decided it’s high time that we clear the air.

Here are some of the names we’ve been called, and the reasons why we actually take pride in these slightly misappropriated labels:

1. Complicated 

Darn right our software is complex. It’s a robust, powerful, feed-eating machine that gobbles up “caterpillar” data, shoots it all through our data transformation engine and spits out an e-commerce “butterfly.” That’s an oversimplification, but “transform” is definitely the key word for the data transformation engine. The power of our business rules is unparalleled. Maybe some are “complicated.” But then again, if you go with a “simple” provider, good luck trying to dynamically update your product quantity across five marketplaces at the speed of sales. 

2. Foreign

We’re foreign all right. To be more precise, we’re global. We’ve got feet on the street in nearly every continent around the globe. In our Australian office alone there are more than 10 languages spoken. We’ve got the global expertise to help you take your products across borders and take advantage of the $1 trillion global e-commerce opportunity. (Yep, that was trillion… with a t.)

3. Geeks

Yes, our Star Wars game is strong. And you don’t want to be the person we corner at a party who just asked, “So, what’s new with e-commerce?” We love this field. We’re pumped to be on the leading edge of an industry that didn’t even exist before any of us were born. We pretend to moan to each other when a new change throws us for a loop. But inside, we’re energized, we’re geeking out and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make things frictionless for our customers. Don’t believe us? Well, how much time do you have…?

4. Behemoth

No, we’re not a paper-thin company that gets blown over by any shift in the wind. Our Engineering department alone is bigger than entire companies that are trying to do what we do. As such, our company can devote more time to innovation and efficiencies than those guys. Plus, we’re AGILE. Literally. It’s our development methodology. We can turn on a dime if necessary.

5. The Cadillac of the E-Commerce World

Yup. That’s right. Our software isn’t a discount, stripped-down jalopy that you hope will start when you walk into the garage every morning. Our customers aren’t interested in being stranded on the side of the road whenever there’s a big industry change or if their SKU count grows too high for their provider to handle. 

They recognize that our software, the “Cadillac of E-Commerce,” runs like a performance machine and never lets them down. It’s powerful, up-to-date and has all the bells and whistles that drivers want. Quite simply, our customers want the best.

And if you consider the lost revenue you’ll see from one day of downtime when an el-cheapo provider crashes, our Cadillac is fully paid off.

So, yes, we fly our Complicated-Foreign-Behemoth-Cadillac-Geek flag proudly. After all, who wants to put the future of their e-commerce success in the hands of a Basic-Local-Tiny-E-Commerce-Knowledge-Challenged beater?

Want to learn more? Give us a ring and find out about the value that ChannelAdvisor provides to some of the top retailers and brands around the world. We promise not to call you any names.