Busy eBay news day!

March 20, 2008

The last couple of days have been very busy for eBay news. Here’s a little roundup:

  • eBay announced what I think is the first shockwave from the major Meg/Donahoe/Rajiv/Cobb/Norrington news earlier this year.  In the process they have eliminated 125 jobs.  Reading some of the news, it sounds like the Paypal+eBay customer service groups have been combined and some other global operations are being horizontal-ized vs. a more vertical/geo org.
  • Lorrie Norrington announced via the AB that:
    • The ESPP is live
    • The seller dashboard (light version) is out with the full meal-deal coming in May.  The light version will tell you your 30-day DSRs and if you’re being advantaged or not.
    • They are making some changes to UPI and feedback to help address seller’s concerns on the coming ‘sellers can’t leave negs’ change to feedback
  • And last but certainly not least, eBay UK announced they are doubling down on the FVF discounts in March.  In the highest tier, sellers can get 80% of their FVF’s back!  That’s pretty motivational.  I’d have to do the math, but that could essentially fund free shipping for most items.  Tamebay (awesome UK eBay blog) coverage is here.

Conclusion on the last two bullets: eBay continues to be serious about not only listening to sellers, but taking action and driving the changes (with carrots and sticks) they view are strategic to the health of the marketplace.