Breakout I: Finding breakout

January 29, 2008

There are three breakouts right now:  TnS, Finding and seller solutions.  The bulk of people are going to TnS as there are big questions/concerns around the feedback changes.  I wanted to hit Finding because my sense is that’s going to be the biggest long-term change that eBayers face.

  • BestMatch has three ‘inputs’
    • demand factors
      • title, cat, item specs, catalogueueue
    • listing factors
      • ending time
    • seller performance factors
      • Largely DSR driven
  • Increased exposure –
    • 4.6 or higher in last 30 days
  • Decreased exposure –
    • 4.2 or lower DSR for S+H over the last 30 days
    • More than 5% buyer dissatisfaction in last 30 days

How do you take advantage of the Finding changes?

  • Great item titles
  • List in the right category
  • Use item specifics
  • Use catalogueueue
  • Provide a great buyer experience

These steps will get you increased exposure.

Q+A (this is the good stuff)

Q: What does featured do for BestMatch?
A: Featured still lives in a top section, but then BestMatch will apply

Q: How much increased exposure will sellers get?
A: It’s hard to give a weight to it.  Depends on query and dynamics in your category.

Q: if i have a 4.9 DSR and my competitor 4.7, am I advantaged ‘more’?
A: right now you are either in or out, once you are over the threshold, you are ‘advantaged’, so in the 4.9/4.7 situation the 4.9 would not be more advantaged.

I’ll try and post what I hear happened at the other breakouts.