Black Friday/Cyber Monday News roundup and real-world results.

November 28, 2006

Wow have the servers been humming at ChannelAdvisor for the last week.  We had a killer Black Friday and then yesterday’s CyberMonday topped that in many ways.  I’ll get into some details on that in a second.  But first, some interesting news tidbits came out over the last week I wanted to make sure CSE fans knew about:

  • Reuters had a good Black Friday roundup with two CSE interesting tidbits:
    • “ and Price, which allow consumers to compare
      deals from a variety of retailers, saw year-over-year jumps of 40
      percent and 45 percent, respectively, in the volume of traffic on their
    • Chief Executive Josh Silverman said the highest-growth
      categories in November so far were household goods and clothing, not
      electronics, which include hot items like plasma TVs and game consoles.”Where three or four years ago it was younger males buying electronics,
      now more than half of our shoppers are women and the most popular
      categories online look a whole lot like the most popular categories
      offline,” Silverman said.Electronics saw 16-percent year-over-year growth for November to date.
  • Comparison shopping engine (CSE for you home players) traffic is up 21% y/y on Black Friday according to Comscore.
  • Some interesting ecomm data from comscore:
    • According to raw data from comScore Networks released this morning, US
      consumers spent nearly $2 billion online in just the past week alone.
      For the month of November leading up to last Friday, consumers spent
      $8.31 billion – a 24% jump over 2005. Black Friday spending, according
      to comScore, rose 42% over the prior year. While comScore does not
      generate forecasts, a simple linear analysis based on its data would
      indicate that, if this trend holds out, US consumers could spend
      another $2.74 billion just this week, resulting in a huge “Cyber
      Monday” for retailers.

I’m sure we’ll see more as the Holiday shopping season continues and we’ll keep you posted.

Now for some real-world results.  At ChannelAdvisor we’re on track to double the $1B in GMV that went through our various solutions (marketplace/cse/search) this year.   While we’ve doubled our client count, we’re seeing a fair amount of y/y growth in “same stores”.

Here are two charts I thought you would find interesting.  The first shows our CSE GMV since the start of October through Cyber Monday:


Notice last year how we had a less pronounced BF/CM spike/trough/spike.  this year CM really juiced for us.

Now how did CSE do against GMV driven by paid-search?  Well interesting enough, paid-search was bigger on BF than CM.   Here’s that chart:


Here you see a much bigger BF spike and then a subsequent CM spike, but not as big as the BF spike.