Bing Serving Yahoo Natural Search Results

August 17, 2010

While here in the American South, I’m swooning in the summer heat, Microsoft and Yahoo have been sweating to transition Yahoo search results to Microsoft technology. After several months of testing, the Search Alliance is announcing that the transition will complete this week for all natural search results in the US and Canada.

There are some staggering statistics coming out of this transition. The combined search engine will serve 5.2 billion search results monthly, which is 31.6% of the total in in the US and 8.6% in Canada. Binghoo is a real alternative and complement to Google for search.

We at ChannelAdvisor are watching this transition with interest. When the paid search results transition, it will make the lives of search marketers simpler, but it will also remove the control we’ve had to manage campaigns on Bing and Yahoo separately. We’ve written about this extensively, and expect more from us as we start seeing performance metrics for paid search.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Transition centre.

Posted by Jason James, Paid Search Product Manager