Bing Double Cashback ends Aug 27

August 26, 2009

Bing notified merchants via email yesterday that their highly successful double cash back promotion will end August 27th. The exact end date was previously unpublished.

Internet Retailer reported last week that Bing requested some merchants pull back on their cash back offerings to help extend the life of the program. The article suggests a few
retailers of high dollar items were soaking up an unusually large
percentage of the available funds that were making the program more
difficult to sustain, but it’s possible that the success of the program
surpassed even Bing’s own forecasts. Either way, consumers and
retailers are both winners. Bing certainly benefited as well, both in
terms of traffic/users and press. There has been significant coverage
of the double cash back promotion, and rightfully so. Our data shows a
massive increase in traffic and sales, with total revenue across our
customer base more than doubling and some merchants seeing increases of
5X or more.