Another Day, Another Amazon Innovation

December 15, 2014

The busiest shopping season of the year doesn’t seem to faze Amazon! The marketplace giant has been busy releasing tech-savvy services and a few policy changes, too. Don’t worry, we won’t let you miss a beat. Below, we’ve summed up what Big A has been up to.


Baby diapers and wipes are part of Amazon’s most recent product line. Yes, these products were previously sold on the marketplace, but now Amazon is giving Prime parents further access to the Amazon brand with its new Amazon Elements program that emphasizes products with “transparent origins.”

Elements is Amazon’s customer-centric approach to providing Prime members with high-quality, everyday essentials. In the announcement, Amazon said that its customer feedback revealed that Amazon consumers care most about high-quality products and easy access to information to make knowledgeable decisions.

Each product in this premium line contains a QR code. When you scan it via Amazon’s mobile app, you’ll have product details such as the expiration date and ingredient origins.

Although the program isn’t limited to baby supplies, according to the announcement, diapers and wipes are the only items currently sold via Elements.


Amazon has dipped its toes into the greeting card business with its new mobile app, Surprise! (Yes, the exclamation mark is included.) The app allows users to personalize e-cards with photos, audio or video. The main draw? You can conveniently attach an Amazon gift card to your e-card via one simple app.

The Facebook-powered app (yes, the social giant is behind this as well) is equipped with the ability to sync your Facebook account and phone calendar, making it virtually impossible to miss being present (get it?) for an important occasion. The app also helps you avoid the panicky brainstorm sessions you face when gift-stumped for your hard-to-buy-for loved ones.

Surprise! is available for iOS and Android users.

A Strict Ship

Two-day shipping should not be taken lightly, people! Amazon introduced delivery-performance thresholds that sellers must meet in order to maintain and/or become eligible to offer two-day shipping on merchant-fulfilled items.

A new Seller Central tool allows you to see whether you’re eligible to offer two-day shipping.

Use the tool sooner rather than later to check your status. If you aren’t eligible, your two-day shipping option may soon be disabled.


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Blog post by Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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