Adwords Feature Alert- Seller Rating Extensions

June 29, 2010

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature they are calling
‘Seller Rating Extensions.’  The Seller Rating Extension feature will automatically attach your star rating from Google Product Search
if you
currently have 4 or more stars.  The Adwords blog said that
this change will be rolling out across the SERPs over the next 24 hours, so you
may not see the extension on all queries.  Also, from some initial testing, it’s not completely clear what extensions win out if multiple extensions could be served (Product vs. Map vs. Seller Ratings,etc).

With this feature being rolled
out with no notice and across all SERPs, their testing must have shown that this
feature drives a tangible increase in CTR.  So- to take advantage, I highly recommend either
A)signing up for Google Product Search if you are not already there and B)make
sure you have a strong feedback score.